Brands We Use

Matchmaster (Supplier and manufacturer of domestic and commercial antenna systems)

Matchmaster 01MM-CS14 Antenna Newcastle (3-5A)(28-60)

DigiMATCH 01MM-DB20 Antenna VHF/UHF (6-12) (28-40)

DigiMATCH 01MM-DG27 Antenna VHF/UHF(6-12)(21-69)

DigiMATCH 01MM-DE13 Antenna Caravan VHF/UHF(6-12)

Matchmaster 01MM-V8 Log Periodic UHF/VHF Television Antenna (4G Ready)

DigiMATCH 13MM-65LNB-KIT Vast Satellite Kit includes 65cm Dish & LNB

Visiosat 13MM-BS02 Satellite Dish 91cm Bisat Multi-Beam for 9 Satellites

Visiosat 13MM-SMC120 Dish Satellite 120cm Digital – High Performance Fibreglass

Home Theatre 04MM-LCDB2 LCD TV Wall Mount 5-15° Tilt Action

Home Theatre 04MM-SPK15-10 High Quality Speaker Cable – 10m roll

DigiMATCH 05MM-HDIP HDMI® over Ethernet Transmitter and Receiver Kit

Johansson 10MM-J15C-4G Amplifier Masthead UHF 18dB Gain (4G Ready)

BITEK (Supplier of many types of antennas and mounting hardware)

01BU Range UHF Range BUTRIF

01ACMX11CA Caravan ACMX11CA

01CUPA Range Phased Array CUPA1

01DP Range VHF AntennasDLPF3

01DV Range VHF Antennas DV307

01ACDX Range UHF/VHF X Pole CombinationACDX13

01EFM Range FM Antennas EFM8

01ACLP Range Log Periodic ACLP4/5

Plasma, LCD Brackets Extendable Brackets

Plasma, LCD Brackets LCD Brackets 40Kg

Modulators 3 Input RF Modulator


Hills Antenna (Supplier of wide range of aerials, amplifiers and distribution equipment)


Tru-Band™ Metro Plus (Black Arrow)

Free To Air Tile Roof mount

Seeker UV13B5

GME / Kingray (Leading manufacturer of Masthead and Distribution Amplifiers)

Kingray DW42 Distribution Amplifier

Kingray MHW25FE VHF/ UHF Masthead Amplifier

Kingray MHW35FS VHF/ UHF Masthead Amplifier

Kingray MHW43FS VHF/ UHF Masthead Amplifier

Sydney Antennas use only quality products. We use Australian Made Antennas, where possible. We give at least 3 years warranty on our installs, and we are confident in our chosen products and hardware!