TV Reception Troubleshooting

Problems with TV reception?

Has your TV suddenly stopped showing some or all FTA channels? Have you always had a below average reception but haven’t had a chance to get it fixed? The solution might be as simple as changing a wall plate connector or adjusting your antenna to get a signal from another transmission tower. You don’t have to rely on Pay TV providers and spend money on monthly subscriptions when you can watch all these channels for free.

All you need is expert and honest advice and this is exactly what we offer! There are multiple scenarios of what can go wrong with a TV system. Like any other system it consists of many components and any of them can fail due to age, volatile weather conditions or mechanical defects. In some cases those failures are caused by incorrect installation e.g. connections left exposed to moisture and rusted through. Occasionally damage may even be induced by birds or animals that find your house more attractive than others. Alternatively, the problem may be caused by a faulty cable or wall socket, as discovered by this Sydney Morning Herald reporter in his home.

Whatever the issue – our experienced technicians will investigate, explain the cause and provide you with the best existing solution. Just like going to a doctor to get an explanation of your mystery symptoms, except, we come to your place at a suitable time and don’t leave you with a bunch of prescriptions – we can fix the problem right there and then!

Our call out fee starts at $85 (incl.GST) when you book a service call with a Sydney Antennas technician, which covers:

  • Detailed diagnostic of your TV/AV system
  • Choice of expert solutions for the issue
  • Quotation to get the issue fixed

We will never charge for any unnecessary repairs or spare parts – honesty is one of our company’s treasured rules!

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